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Pompiers Humanitaires Français
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Pompiers Humanitaires Français - French firefighting and rescue team 

10 years of ideas, boosts, on-field collaborations, friendship and respect... "If you want to go fast, walk on your own, but if you want to go far, let's walk together" (african old saying)

P_mpiers Hum_nit_ires Fr_nç_is, French firefighting _nd rescue te_m, commit to blood donors #MissingType, you too can remove the letters A, B and O on your profiles !#JMDS #sdis42

06-02-2017 Everyday, PHF is monitoring both the tectonics and the weather of our beautiful planet : within 24 hours, rescuers are on field if needed. #urgence #Cyclones #séismes @Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System @ONU

05-31-2017 Thank you @CartONG:  Lasalle school in actually working on a map that will be useful for the rescuers and fire-fighters of Vatomandry in Madagascar: daily crisis and exceptional crisis management.

Therefore, during our next on-field mission, the civil protection center will be funded with proper maps.

05-31-2017 A PHF rescue team in Madagascar - Enawo cyclone - floods.

 A little more than a month ago, Eric, René and Alexandre, 3 PHF volunteers went to the Atsinanana district (in Madagascar) to help the population which has been strongly affected byfloods following Enawo cyclone.

They had to coordinate relief efforts in the Brickaville and Vatomandry areas. Formany years, rescuers andfire fighters have been trained by PHF in order to deal with this type of disaster and a great work have been done with local authorities.


After more than 10 years in Atsinanana,our concerted work starts to show results. Indeed,after the floods, the population has been able to find shelter, care, advice and assistance in the civil protection centers that we have created within the region for several years already.


05-31-2017 4 instructors (rescue and fire fighting) in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic.


From 7 to 21 April, as part of a cooperative action funded by the French Embassy, PHF was able to send four instructors (fire fighters and rescuers), in order to train 60 executives and fire fighters from the Fire Brigade Of Bangui.

The two-week training focused on the three main areas of rescue actions : victim assistance, road relief, and fire fighting.

This mission was an opportunity to transfer skills and equipments that wereneeded to reopen the capital's main relief centre (a fire-fighting van, an ambulance, intervention equipment, uniforms, etc.). The ceremony at the end of the seminar, marked the resumption of the relief and assistance activities of the centre, and was presided over by the Head of State accompanied by the Prime Minister and 6 members of the government.




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